Full Websites

Production process

Our websites are mostly based on Joomla platform, that is our working ecosystem where we feel good. Joomla is award-winning and one of the best free Content Management System available today. With Joomla, you can enjoy in moderation of your website using Joomla backend section, with plenty of options for fine-tuning. User Manager and User groups, with implemented ACL system will be your most powerful tool to hire someone else to do the job for you, giving to him necessary credentials.

There is large Joomla community counting millions of users, where you can find absolutely everything that you imagine: many components for your business: eCommerce carts, Real Estate, Cars... Also, you will be able to refresh your site with some attractive module: slideshows, sliders, popups and similar. There are also high-quality plugins available, as addons to your Joomla website, which will be in charge for specific operations: email sending, payment processing...

During our development, you can always count on newest Joomla core version to be used. Regular update of Joomla sore is crucial for security of your website. If everything goes as planned and without some unexpected issues, update of Joomla core files can be made by few clicks on the buttons in backend. Update of 3rd parties is not so easy, and it depends of the products provider. In some cases, you can expect very fast and quality response in one working day or even faster. Also, there are 3-rd parties on the market without active support. So, you should make smart choice if you install some extensions after we launch your website and give you the keys of your treasure in your hands.

Updating custom extensions made by our team is always our high priority. We are trying to have fully up-to-date products, and the way how they will be updated on your website can vary: either you can update it by yourself in backend section, clicking on simple button and scripts will download new version of files from our servers and install it or we will do it, monitoring process all the time if we are continue to maintain your website by contract.

During development of your website, you will be able to follow progress on our demo server and regular communication with your contact person will help us to stay on right track. When your website is over, we will transfer all files on your server and make necessary setup of database. After that, your website is ready for production mode.



You should host your website on hosting providers that are known for fast and reliable servers, and with a proven record & responsible policies. Price is important but not most important - few dollars savings can cost untold hours of downtime, and hosts with 24 hour support via Phone/Chat/Email should be your top priority.

You should avoid free hosting if possible. Performance of website on free hosting will be very poor, and that is not what you are looking for. When time has come for that, we will discuss with you about hosting details, but here are few guidelines for you:

  • Use Unix/Linux servers that are up to date.
  • Version of PHP should be up-to-date
  • 1 MySql database is necessary and probably enough for your site
  • We will need cPanel, that is usually not included in basic package.



Security of your website is very important aspect. Good news is that someone else taking care about security, all you need is to update Joomla core regularly. The Joomla! core team takes security vulnerabilities very seriously. As such, the Joomla! Security Strike Team (JSST) oversees the project's security issues and follows some specific procedures when dealing with these issues. But, for security of your website only you are responsible. Means that you should NOT buy and install 3rd-parties (extensions) form unknown providers or from providers with suspicious reviews or with bad reviews score. Such extensions can either corrupt your database or can contain malicious code.

Also, you should host your website on hosting company with good reputation. That will improve your overall stability and your site will be much more protected and hard to be hi-jacked.


Other things that you should know

We offer full support for websites that we made. After finishing website, our first contract with you will be terminated. If you are interested, we will offer good price to you for monthly maintenance. You can read more about website maintenance here.